Monday, November 15, 2010


In our lives we have schedules, agendas, to do lists, ect. Most of the time we are planning for the near or distant future. For example, in 2011 I may be finished with school. Then I plan on my life changing for the better (more money, more career options). I'm hoping, or thinking of the next step. Or maybe it won't change for the better. Minutes and hours of our days our thoughts are on "what to do next".

I was thinking of this yesterday when I took some time to help my daughter with some school work. Another chore, another thing to get done, and then when I finish I can do what's next. It occurred to me that in that moment I was enjoying being with her so much that I turned it into something fun. We were in that moment - not making plans or looking at the clock.

Imagine if we could find enjoyment in all the routines we have in our lives. Our lives would slow down. We can step out the door and feel the air we are breathing. I can step into my car and enjoy the music. Even when it is chaotic or noisy at work, I can stop for a minute and experience the warm feeling of the cup in my hands when I take a sip of tea. Right now I'm enjoying a moment of free time to write this blog. I don't have to think of the next three or four things I'll need to do this evening. I know that in five minutes I'll need to get ready to go to my martial arts class. But right now I'm enjoying writing this post, the quiet, and the feel of getting my feet wet with writing something other than assignments for school.
More to come!

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